Please choose an area of interest on one or more of the following committees.

Standing Committees:

Legislative - Discover, study & present to the membership activities that affect the life of our County, State and Nation.

Budget - Assist in the formation of the annual operating budget for adoption in February.

Ways & Means - Investigate and organize events of the Club.

Publicity - Work in cooperation with the 1st VP to publicize our Club's activities.

Telephone - Make phone calls to members informing them of meetings and other activities. This is a very important function of our Club and easy to do from home.

Campaign - Act as a liaison & coordinate with GOP candidates ideas and direction as to campaign activities.

Caring for America - Represent the Club in various civic programs like USO Club, Fisher House, and the WCRW Scholarship Award.

Sunshine - Send out cards for bereavement and illness to members.

Please see your bylaws for more detailed information for each committee.

Committee Chairs and Members Needed

If you have a special skill and passion for one or more of the areas listed, please contact us at to share your information. The only way to keep our Club active and healthy is to have ALL members enthusiastically involved.

As we've said once before - WCRW are a driving force for our candidates in Wake County - they count on us!